Scott Safety

  • Scott AV-3000 HT Facepiece

    Scott Safety's AV-3000 HT facepiece meets all requirements established in the NFPA 1981:2013 Edition standard, with state-of-the-art material technology to provide enhanced thermal durability and voice intelligibility performance for added safety. 

  • Scott EPIC 3 Radio Interface (IR) Voice Amplifier Communication System

    Scott EPIC 3 Radio Interface (IR) Voice Amplifier Communication System

    Communicate clearly and effectively on the fireground or en route with the EPIC 3 Radio Interface (RI) Voice Communication System. Enhance tactical and non-tactical communications with on-scene personnel, incident command, and remote dispatch.

  • Scott Protégé Multi-Meter Monitor

    The Protégé is a personal multi-gas monitor designed to monitor potentially hazardous levels of combustible gases, oxygen enrichment or depletion, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Simple, intuitive user operation enables operators to focus on the situation rather than equipment.

  • Scott Protégé ZM Single Gas Monitor

    The Scott Protégé ZM Single Gas Monitor is an easy-to-use, zero-maintenance gas detection solution that delivers high performance in a small package. The product is available in oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide models.

  • Scott RIT-PAK Fast Attack

    Scott RIT-PAK Fast Attack

    The Scott Safety RIT-Pak Fast Attack offers a small, lightweight, and compact solution for rapid entry and air replenishment to a firefighter in distress. Developed with speed and efficiency in mind, the RIT-Pak Fast Attack provides an intuitive design enabling RIT teams to focus on locating and assessing the downed firefighter. 

  • Scott Rit-Pak III

    The Scott Safety RIT Pak III is the fire service industry’s first all-inclusive portable air supply system and the most comprehensive RIT system available on the market. Developed with input from RIT instructors and firefighters from across the country, the RIT Pak III is field designed and tested.

  • Scott Safety Cylinders

    Over the years, compressed gas cylinders have been providing SCBA users with a supply of fresh air.  The original cylinders were made of steel and quite heavy.  Today, advances in technology have enabled cylinders to become much lighter and less burdensome to the SCBA wearer. 

  • Scott SCBA Air Pak 75

    Scott SCBA Air Pak 75

    The Air-Pak 75 has been the leading SCBA used by first responders and municipal and industrial firefighters since its introduction in 2007.

  • Scott SCBA Air Pak X3

    The Scott Safety Air-Pak X3 SCBA was designed not only to exceed the new requirements outlined in the 2013 edition of the 1981 and 1982 standards, but also to exceed customer expectations for what an Air-Pak SCBA should be.

  • Scott Sight In-Mask Thermal Imager

    NFPA 1981 certified and now shipping!

    Finally, a truly hands-free thermal imager. Scott Sight provides unmatched situational intelligence without the need to stop searching a room or put down your hose line.