The best just got better

Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ have been re-engineered using advanced patterning technology to provide a better fit, new features, and allow more range of motion and protection.

Ergonomically Engineered for Maximum Mobility

Proven Performance and Reliability

Honeywell MED-TECH EMS

Specially Engineered for the EMS Industry

Being a firefighter is demanding. You intervene in all sorts of situations, some involving extremely high risks. It requires determination, rigorous training . . . and certainly passion.

Innotex Rapid Delivery - Inno65SB

The newest addition to our line of rapid delivery models , the INNO65SB provides innovative features such as the INNOTEX ariable hight collar and the VizGrip enhanced visibility pockets.

Innotex Rapid Delivery - Inno55Q3

The Inno55Q3 is INNOTEX’s higher end rapid delivery model. The composite being used provides above average TPP and THL as well as exceptional durability.

Innotex Rapid Delivery - INNO5000 SERIES

The INNO5000™ Series offers distinctive features that mix innovation and tradition.

Innotex Rapid Delivery - INNO6000 SERIES

The INNO6000™ Series offers distinctive features that include design innovations to increase protection.

Innotex Rapid Delivery - X-DESIGN SERIES

The INNO6000™ Proven and tested, made for athletic builds.

Lion V Force

V-Force raises the bar for firefighter protective clothing by employing LION’s innovative V-Fit™ Design.

Lion Super-Deluxe

Full-Featured Turnout for Better Mobility

Lion VersaPro

Dual-Certified Multi-Purpose garment stands tall for most non-structural situations.