• Bullard ECO X Thermal Imager

    Bullard ECO X Thermal Imager

    EcoX is the economical solution for budget constrained departments to put more Bullard Tough thermal imagers in the hands of firefighters.

  • Bullard LDX Thermal Imager

    The LDX uses “ICE” technology running at an ultra-fast 60 Hertz image update rate and incorporates proprietary image enhancement algorithms technology for the ultimate image performance in fire conditions.

  • Bullard NXT NFPA Thermal Imager

    Equipped with “ICE” technology and the industry’s longest battery run time, the small, lightweight, NFPA Certified Bullard NXT lets firefighters focus on seeing the most critical details in the heat of the fire when they need it most.

  • Bullard QXT Thermal Imager (non-NFPA)

    Bullard QXT Thermal Imager (non-NFPA)

    The Bullard QXT is ­­­designed not only for long-lasting service on the front line but also low total cost of ownership.

  • Bullard T3X Thermal Imager

    Bullard's T3X is a handheld favorite thermal imager equipped with the latest X Factor engine technology and image processing techniques.

  • Bullard T4 X Thermal Imager

    Bullard T4 X Thermal Imager

    The T4X combines advanced features and the industry's largest widescreen display with the newest state-of-the-art infrared engine technology for the ultimate in thermal imaging performance.