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Scott Safety SCBA Service

Scott Safety SCBA ServiceFire Tech and Safety's team of Scott Certified Factory Trained Technicians is ready to service your Scott Air Pak. We offer various levels of service, from routine inspections and annual flow testing to emergency service of your Scott Air Pak.

At Fire Tech, Safety is our top priority. Our factory trained technicians inspect, repair and test all of the equipment we service to guarantee that it is operating to manufacturers specifications prior to leaving our facility.

Whether you want service at your location or ours, we have the equipment to get the job done. Our mobile service trucks are stocked with a full inventory of parts and accessories to keep your Scott Air Paks in service. With our fleet of mobile service vehicles, we will come to your location and test your Air Paks onsite, keeping your equipment in service for when duty calls.

Fire Tech and Safety offers both Basic and Advance Functional Testing on Scott Safety SCBA. Our factory certified master technicians will insure your equipment is maintained in compliance with N.I.O.S.H approvals and NFPA 1852, Standard for Selection, Care, & Maintenance of Open‑Circuit SCBA .

Basic Service Includes:

  • Facepiece Leak Test
  • Exhalation Pressure Test
  • Remote Gauge Test
  • Alarm Activation Test
  • Air Saver Switch Test
  • Primary Reducer Lockup Test
  • Secondary Reducer Lockup Test
  • Low Cylinder Transfer Test
  • Purge Flow Test
  • Facepiece Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Electronics Inspection

Advanced Service Includes additional:

  • Above listed Basic Service
  • Emergency Breathing UAC/RIC System Check
  • Removal and Re-Installation of SCBA from apparatus
  • Spare Facepiece Inspection
  • Replacement Batteries every 6 Months for SCBA

Fire Tech and Safety also has three Advanced Breathing Air Labs located strategically throughout New England. Our newest Scott certified service center in Tyngsborough, MA offers state of the art equipment to get your Scott Air Pak back in service safely and efficiently.

NFPA OSHA Fit Testing

Fire Tech and Safety offers OSHA approved fit testing using the industries leading equipment. We offer in house fit testing as well as mobile fit testing depending on your needs. We utilize the OHD Quantifit which provides industry leading accuracy to ensure that your respiratory protection program is the best that it can be.

The Quantifit utilizes the OSHA-approved 5-step Redon Protocol, which uses negative pressure as the challenge agent. This means that we are able to perform your fit testing in any environment, in any location. In the station or in the field, we are able to fit test your members. In addition to the versatility, our test only takes about 3 minutes to complete so you can get your members back in service as soon as possible.

Did you know? NFPA 1500 & OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 requires not only annual fit testing of all users but also re testing after a significant weight change, or major dental work.

DOT Cylinder Hydrostatic Recertification Testing (Hydro Test)

Fire Tech and Safety offers DOT Hydrostatic Testing for your SCBA and other cylinders. Our team of DOT certified technicians are ready to inspect and qualify your cylinders to keep you in service and compliant with DOT rules and regulations.

Basic Service shall consist of:

  • Pick up and delivery of cylinders
  • Delivery of loaner cylinders
  • External Visual Inspecting
  • Internal Visual Inspection
  • Cylinder Drying
  • O-Ring Inspection and Replacement
  • Grade E or Higher Breathing Air Re-Fill

Advanced Service shall consist of*:

  • Above Basic Service
  • Cylinder Valve Rebuild
  • Hand wheel Seat Replacement
  • Abrasion Repairs for Level 1 damage

Did You Know? D.O.T. is actually an enforcing agency. D.O.T. will enforce and fine departments for not complying with federal regulations. Call today for a free inspection of your fleet.

Onsite service available. *Advanced Service only available for Scott Safety Cylinders.

Compressor Service

Fire Tech and Safety offers comprehensive onsite breathing air compressor service. We provide both basic and advanced Mobile Air Compressor services to keep you compliant to NFPA 1989. Our factory trained master technicians use only factory direct parts* and are available 24/7 for emergency calls to insure you compressor is in service when its needed.

Basic Service shall consist of:

  • Systems check
  • Operational check
  • Maintenance check
  • Annual Air Quality Sample
  • Oil Change
  • CO/Moisture kit Inspection
  • Final Purification Filter Replacement

Advanced Service shall consist of:

  • Above Basic Service
  • Quarterly Air Quality Samples
  • Quarterly Systems Check
  • Quarterly Gauge Accuracy Test
  • Quarterly Final Pressure Test
  • Quarterly Restart Pressure Test
  • Quarterly Fluid Inspections
  • NFPA Fill Log

These services are provide onsite by our fleet of dedicated Factory Authorized Mobile Service Vehicles. *Factory direct parts not available on all models contact our service center for more info.

Did You Know? To be complainant to NFPA 1989 you must keep a fill log for every cylinder filled by your organization. Fill logs are included at no charge with our advanced service package.

NFPA 1851 compliant PPE Inspection, Repairs & Cleaning

Fire Tech and Safety offers local NFPA 1851, 1855, 1971 cleaning and inspections on all brands of PPE. Soiled gear can pose a significant health risk to the firefighter and per NFPA 1851 you must have your gear inspected at least once a year.

Basic Service shall consist of:

  • Annual Advanced NFPA PPE inspection
  • External Visual Inspection
  • Internal Visual Inspection
  • DRD Inspection *If equipped
  • Basic NFPA PPE Cleaning & Drying
  • Pick up and Delivery or Free Shipping

Advanced Service shall consist of:

  • Above Basic Service
  • Advanced Decontamination
  • Advanced Disinfection

Did You Know? Soiled gear is less protective as it reflects less radiant heat and is more likely to conduct electricity. Additionally everyday chemicals can weaken fabrics and cause damage that reduces the usable safe life of gear.

Nozzle and Valve Repair

Fire Tech and Safety can service and completely rebuild your sticking or broken nozzles and valves. Replacement equipment can cost you thousands why not let us take a look before you purchase new.

Contact our service department for more information.

Gas Meter Calibration and Repairs

Gas meters are vital to your operations at Fire Tech and safety we can service all brands of gas meters. Our services include sensor changes, calibrations and circuit board replacement.

Contact our service department for more information.

Small Engine Repair

Fire Tech and Safety maintains a large inventory for most major brands of small engines. Everything from your vent saws to your portable water pumps can be serviced by our mechanics. Relying on Fire Tech and Safety for your small engine repairs will save your department valuable time and resources.

Contact our service department for more information.

Amkus Rescue Tool Service

Fire Tech and Safety is a certified Amkus repair facility. We maintain a large inventory of parts as well as 5 Certified Amkus Technicians. These services are offered at any of our locations or onsite with one of our dedicated Amkus service vehicles. We can provide 24/7/365 support for your hydraulic rescue tools.

Hose Repair and Re-Coupling

Are you tired of trying to find the right adapter and wish your hose matched your appliances and mutual aid departments ? Fire Tech and Safety offers hose repair and re-coupling at all of our locations please contact your local office for more information.

Thermal Imager Reapirs

When was the last time your had your thermal imager serviced? How do you know its working correctly ? Fire Tech and Safety offers preventive maintenance plans and repair services on Bullard, FLIR, Scott and ISG imagers.

UAS/UAV (Drone) Repairs

If you own a drone you've crashed a drone. Fire Tech and Safety can repair your damaged air craft in house at our tyngsborough location. Fire Tech is a DJI Enterprise Partner and are able to service all makes and models of their craft along with most other manufactures. Contact our service department for more information.