3M™ Scott™ C420 Plus

The 3M Scott C420 Plus PAPR can be used for CBRN and non-CBRN applications. It is ideal for fire departments, law enforcement and federal first responders for protection against CBRN related incidents. The C420 PLUS PAPR is NIOSH CBRN approved when used with the AV3000 (SureSeal version), AV-2000 (grey nosecup), or M120 full facepiece and CBRN Cap-1 canister.

The blower provides a cooling effect that extends user wear times in humid environments and long-duration operations, such as decontamination or rescue. It also keeps the facepiece from fogging. Decontamination is made easy with detachable parts that can be cleaned according to the situation encountered.


  • Approved for both NIOSH CBRN and NIOSH 42CFR part 84 applications
  • Rechargeable and single use batteries to support long work hours
  • PVC coated belt for easy decontamination
  • Two cartridge design for lower overall cost
3M Scott c420 Papr - 200833-30


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