3M™ Scott™ EPIC 3 RDI Voice Communications

Provides effective fireground voice communications, enhances firefighter situational intelligence and safety.

The lack of clear fire scene voice communications is a leading concern for firefighter situational awareness and safety.   Customers are challenged with compromised voice communications when using their SCBA equipment and hand held field radios within building structures and noisy environments at the incident scene.

The EPIC 3 RDI voice amplifier enhances SCBA facepiece voice intelligibility and loudness and delivers clear two-way radio communications when operated with compatible hand held field radios and remote speaker microphones.  The EPIC 3 RDI voice amplifier is compatible with all 3M Scott AV-series facepieces and breathing apparatus systems, providing new and existing customers with the safety and operational benefits of enhanced voice communications.


  • Wireless SCBA & Radio Voice Communication
  • Directly operates with compatible tactical field radios & remote speaker microphones
  • Improves worker situational intelligence, ergonomics and safety
    Improved Voice Intelligibility & Projection
  • Provides clear and loud person to person communications
  • Provides clear two-way SCBA to radio voice communications in extreme noise environments
    Simplified Bluetooth Communications
  • Enables easy set up and operation of SCBA and radio interface communications
  • Provides fast and reliable transitioning between non-tactical radio and tactical SCBA-radio communications
  • User Friendly Interface & Configurable Settings
  • Simplifies usability of SCBA communications system using familiar field radio and remote speaker microphone controls.
  • Allows users to easily configure device settings to optimize system communication performance to address specific user and task requirements.
  • Durable Design & Construction
  • Purpose-built for firefighting
  • Performs long term reliable operation in demanding high temperature use cases
  • Provides peace of mind while minimizing customer maintenance costs
    Compatible with new & existing 3M Scott SCBA & PPE
  • Operates with all 3M Scott face pieces, including AV Series, Vision, Promask & 3M Scott Sight, simplifying SCBA & PPE logistics
  • Reduces customer technology spend while future proofing investment
  • Allows customers to use new and existing radio equipment with the RDI amp and 3M Scott PPE
  • Ease of Use Programming Utilities
  • Allows device to be configured to meet specific user requirements
  • Windows PC & iPhone/iOS Programming Utilities
  • Includes EPIC 3 Bluetooth Programmer module & user instructions
3m Scott Epic3 RDI - 201276-01


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