Hydro Test

Basic or Advanced D.O.T. Cylinder Hydrostatic Recertification Testing (Hydro Test)

Fire Tech and Safety offers DOT Hydrostatic Testing for your SCBA and other cylinders at all of our locations.  Our team of DOT certified technicians are ready to inspect and qualify your cylinders to keep you in service and compliant with DOT rules and regulations.

Basic Services:

  • Pick up and delivery of cylinders
  • Delivery of loaner cylinders
  • External Visual Inspection
  • Internal Visual Inspection
  • Cylinder Drying
  • O-Ring Inspection and Replacement
  • Grade E or Higher Breathing Air Re-Fill

Advanced Services:

  • Above Basic Service
  • Cylinder Valve Rebuild
  • Hand Wheel Seat Replacement
  • Abrasion Repairs for Level 1 damage

Onsite service available. Advanced Service only available for Scott Safety Cylinders.

Did you know?

D.O.T.  is actually an enforcement agency.  D.O.T. will enforce and fine departments for not complying with federal regulations. Call today for a free inspection of your fleet.