3M™ Scott™ TRC-1 Air Cart

The 3M Scott TRC-1 Air Cart is a compact and lightweight portable air source that provides an uninterrupted supply of breathing air for up to eight users simultaneously. It has a high-pressure inlet source that allows the use of a compressor or cascade system as the primary air source.

The TRC-1 also features a unique air control switch that isolates the air source for the 4 respiratory outlets to the on board cylinders and for the 4 auxiliary outlets to the high pressure inlet air source. This allows 2 teams to breathe off the same cart, yet have independent air sources. When in isolated mode, outlet pressure for each air source is independently regulated.

The newly upgraded TRC-1 Air Cart is available for use with 2216, 4500, and 5500 psi cylinders in 30, 45, 60, and new 75-minute durations.


  • Portable, lightweight air supply with large wheels and a low center of gravity for ease of mobility and maneuverability
  • Airsource Selector Switch for the ability to utilize a common or isolated air sources on the left and right outlet banks which enables the cart to provide two separate, dedicated air sources for both a primary work team and a rescue team
  • Loud, pneumatic whistle end-of- service indicator for clear, audible alarm indicator of low cylinder pressure
  • Loud, pneumatic bell end-of- service indicator for clear, audible alarm indicator of low pressure condition in the auxiliary high pressure inlet source
  • High Pressure Inlet Supply Connector provides the ability to utilize a high-pressure supply such as a compressor or cascade system
  • Independent Fail-Safe -Open, Sealed regulators on the respirator and the auxiliary supply side provides dependable, reliable regulators for independent adjustment of outlet pressures on the respirator and auxiliary supply sides
3m Scott Air Cart TR1 - 200070-01


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