3M™ Scott™ Services


NFPA 1852 SCBA Compliancy Check (FLO-TEST)

Fire Tech and Safety offers both Basic and Advance Functional Testing on Scott Safety SCBA. Our factory certified master technicians will insure your equipment is maintained in compliance with N.I.O.S.H approvals and NFPA 1852, Standard for Selection, Care, & Maintenance of OpenCircuit SCBA.

Fit Testing

NFPA 1500 & OSHA 29 CFR Compliant Mask Fit Testing

Fire Tech and Safety offers OSHA approved fit testing using the industry's leading equipment.  We offer in-house fit testing as well as mobile fit testing depending on your needs.  We utilize the OHD Quantifit which provides industry leading accuracy to ensure that your respiratory protection program is the best that it can be.

Hydro Test

D.O.T. Cylinder Hydrostatic Recertification Testing (Hydro Test)

Fire Tech and Safety offers DOT Hydrostatic Testing for your SCBA and other cylinders at all of our locations.  Our team of DOT certified technicians are ready to inspect and qualify your cylinders to keep you in service and compliant with DOT rules and regulations.

3M™ Scott™ Tech Level 1 Training

The Specialist service program offers owners of 3M Scott respiratory equipment the opportunity to learn how to perform basic repairs on their equipment that go beyond operational inspections and preventative maintenance practices indicated in the owner's manuals. Students will learn how to perform specific repairs on their facepiece, backframe and harness, cylinder valve, and mask-mounted regulator. The course is designed to provide end users with plenty of hands-on opportunities and useful course activities that will help owners when ordering parts. This course is conducted by Fire Tech and Safety and is available at no charge to any 3M Scott end user. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. After the course, participants will be able to order indicated parts directly from Fire Tech and Safety to repair their equipment.

This course is also for technicians as a pre-requisite to the Air Supplied Technician Training.

Class duration is subject to change depending on class participation.

*** Students are required to furnish complete SCBA (Frame, Cylinder and Facepiece) and laptop computer. *** 


Program Benefits

  • Maintain equipment properly to extend product life
  • Reduce cost of ownership by performing simple service tasks yourself
  • Improve equipment turnaround time by performing basic repairs onsite
  • Order correct parts from Fire Tech and Safety and improve delivery time
  • Add to your current product and industry knowledge

Fire Tech will provide Lunch and Refreshments. Class will only be confirmed once a minimum of six students register. If you have questions about this class, please contact Nate Wade at NWade@firetechusa.com or call 207-441-9890.