3M™ Scott™ RIT-PAK III


When the call for action sounds, the last concern on the minds of the emergency response team should be the equipment it needs to rescue downed first responders and other victims. Scott’s RIT-PAK III is an exceptional, universal tool upon which rescue teams can confidently rely.

Scott’s RIT-PAK III is the industry’s first all-inclusive emergency air-supply system and works impeccably in mutual aid situations regardless of SCBA used by neighboring departments. Developed with input from RIT instructors and firefighters from across the country, Scott’s RIT-PAK III is the most comprehensive RIT system on the market. Specifically designed for rapid intervention teams or emergency response teams, the RIT-PAK III is field designed and tested.

Carrying Device:

  • A protective skid plate reduces friction when the RIT-PAK III is dragged and makes it easier to identify the orientation of the bag in low visibility, stressful environments.
  • Two convenient storage pouches allow for easy access to rescue tools and rescue rope.
  • The hi-viz orange material and reflective stripes improve the visibility of the RIT-PAK III.
  • An easy-to-remove and adjustable length shoulder/drag strap allows for convenient carrying and dragging.
  • Identifiable handles enable the user to determine the low-pressure side from the high-pressure side of the bag.


  • An external pressure gauge provides pressure indicator lights to mimic those used on the heads-up display on the Air-Pak SCBA.  
  • A universal low-pressure hose can be equipped with quick- connect fittings that work with other manufacturers' SCBAs.  
  • An audible alarm at 25 percent of pressure complements the pressure indicator lights on the external pressure gauge.


  • The facepiece, a modified AV-3000 with SureSeal, has a simple-to-use donning strap, making it quick and easy to strap onto a downed firefighter or victim.
3M Scott Rit Pak lll - 200954-12


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