3M™ Scott™ Monitor Telemetry Software Solution

The Monitor telemetry software solution puts critical, real-time responder SCBA information at incident command’s fingertips. Designed for use on modern, touch-enabled PCs, this easy-to-understand air management solution allows incident command to see air, PASS and EVAC data available while establishing and maintaining command. Additional alert notifications – high flow or no flow condition at full alarm PASS – provide incident command with enhanced situational intelligence to guide critical decision making. Monitor’s automated design complements existing accountability and incident command SOGs without the burden of additional work.

Monitor Pro Package, paired with SEMS II Pro, further enhances communications by giving incident command the ability to electronically call for PAR (ePAR) with a simple click or tap of a button on the user interface, reducing excess radio traffic while still maintaining personnel accountability.


  • Works with all 3M Scott Air-Pak SCBA equipped with SEMS II and SEMS II Pro
  • Automatic acceptance of devices at base station
  • Alert view for quick recognition of the most critical information
  • Touch-friendly interface for enhanced usability
3m Scott Monitor 2 - 8005197
3m Scott Monitor 1 - 8005197


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