WEDGE-IT 2 The Ultimate Door Stop


The WEDGE-IT 2 is a compact door stop that was designed by Emergency Service Personnel to hold doors open to a 90 degree angle.  The Wedge-It can be placed in any of 3-different locations (top, middle or bottom) of a door.

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The WEDGE-IT is every fireman’s best friend! Simply place the WEDGE-IT over the hinges of a swinging door, then door is stopped dead in it’s tracks. Place the WEDGE-IT at the bottom of the door to allow friction to do the work. Bright colors allow for easier visibility during smokey conditions. Made in the U.S.A from 100% recycled plastic. It has been adopted by many trades, professions, disciplines and crafts because of it’s convenience and ease of use.

The Wedge-It can be used three different ways to hold a door open at a 90 degree angle: On top of the door, over the Hinge Pin, or on the floor. Weighing less than 3 ounces and small enough to fit in your pocket, the Wedge-It is the ultimate portable and durable doorstop. A trusted doorstop of Emergency, Fire Services and Hotels around the world.

Many public and private Emergency Services / Security Agencies use the Wedge-It doorstops to prevent door closures in the course of completing tasks and missions. Current disciplines using the Wedge-It include: Police Bomb Squad S.W.A.T. Military Special Operations Fire Services Urban Search and Rescue Ambulance Personnel Public and Private Security Agencies


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