Bauer Compressor Service

Basic NFPA 1989 Bauer Compressor Service

Fire Tech and Safety offers both basic and advanced Mobile Air Compressor services to keep you compliant to NFPA 1989. Our factory trained master technicians use only factory direct parts and are available 24/7 for emergency calls to insure your compressor is in service when its needed.

Basic Services:

  • Systems check
  • Operational check
  • Maintenance check
  • Annual Air Quality Sample
  • Oil Change
  • CO/Moisture Kit Inspection
  • Final Purification Filter Replacement

Advanced Services:

  • Above Basic Service
  • Quarterly Air Quality Samples
  • Quarterly Systems Check
  • Quarterly Gauge Accuracy Test
  • Quarterly Final Pressure Test
  • Quarterly Restart Pressure Test
  • Quarterly Fluid Inspections
  • NFPA Fill Log

These services are provide onsite by our fleet of dedicated Factory Authorized Mobile Service Vehicles.

Did you know?

To be compliant to NFPA 1989 you must keep a fill log for every cylinder filled by your organization. Fill logs are included at no charge with our advanced service package.